What we do - Stampi e matrici per pressofusione, forgiatura, stampaggio materiali plastici e tranciatura
Offriamo stampi di acciai superiori trattati superficialmente o a cuore con trattamenti termici per la produzione di oggetti con la tecnologia della pressofusione, forgiatura, stampaggio materiali plastici e tranciatura. Siamo il patner ideale per aziende che doevono industrailizzare prodotti composti da vari componenti ottenuti mediante diverse tecnologie di produzione
Stampi e matrici per pressofusione, forgiatura, stampaggio materiali plastici e tranciatura
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Being manufacturers of equipment or working in a special field of production technology, doeas not mean that you have to forget the global industrial process. Therefore our company, supporting your technical and R&D department, can grant a range of solutions in order to offer any kind of demand.


The quantities to produce, the requested quality and lead times are the drivers that determinate the industrial process, to be adopted for all kind of products.


We work every day closely with experts in the markets near to our sector to offer the right type of technology for the benefit of our customers and their specific needs.


We can offer the following services: laser cutting and sheet metal processing with micro punching and hot and cold deformation, prototyping, sand and lost wax casting, drawing and the production of mashined parts from solid.


Ferremi Leonino srl creates business networks with specialized companies so that we can offer a complete service if demanded by the customers.

This is  the reason why, we are the ideal partner for companies that need to industrialize products composed of various components obtained through different production technologies.



100% Made In Italy