Company - Stampi e matrici per pressofusione, forgiatura, stampaggio materiali plastici e tranciatura
Offriamo stampi di acciai superiori trattati superficialmente o a cuore con trattamenti termici per la produzione di oggetti con la tecnologia della pressofusione, forgiatura, stampaggio materiali plastici e tranciatura. Siamo il patner ideale per aziende che doevono industrailizzare prodotti composti da vari componenti ottenuti mediante diverse tecnologie di produzione
Stampi e matrici per pressofusione, forgiatura, stampaggio materiali plastici e tranciatura
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We make molds and functional equipment for every kind of production and process technology since 1945. We would like to involve you in our know how, we have learned in these seventy years, that is to make the difference is the awareness that all sectors follow a wave of development whose aim is improving the leadtime and the quality of the products.


Our mission is to look ahead and beyond the border, turning to draw on the experience gained but with challenge towards the changes of the future.


Every new software purchased is a new challenge, every new installed machine is an unexplored land and every new customer who trust us and with whom we start a collaboration is like raise the damper of our company for the first time.


Being in the market for seventy years has a value if in this time has continually invested to give a better service to be sure to provide our customers with the best technologies on the market today in order to improve the competitiveness of the entire supply chain.


square meter production


customers all around the world